10 Southern Wedding Traditions We Love

By June 25, 2018Guides
10 southern wedding traditions

Ask anyone, and they’ll agree that southern girls really know how to throw a wedding!  There’s something unique about southern weddings that transcends all others. What’s their secret?  Maybe it’s a combination of southern belle gentility and some down-home wedding traditions that have withstood the test of time.  The southern wedding venues also play a role in adding charm and culture to the day.

Many of the southern wedding customs have been handed down for generations, and there is no shortage of charming rituals that can be incorporated into the special day.  Let’s take a look a look at a few that you and your guests might enjoy on your big day.

What Southern Belles Know About Planning a Great Wedding

Believe it or not, but many of today’s wedding traditions originated in the south.  Of course, some of them are rooted in superstition, and some are a little quirky or just for fun, but they all create an atmosphere of celebration and tradition.  Here are ten of the all-time favorites:

    1. Matching Bridesmaids Dresses:  This is one that was born out of superstition.  Back in the day, the bridesmaids wore similar dresses to the bride’s to confuse her exes and outsmart evil spirits.  In Roman times, the bridesmaids were expected to protect the bride from someone who would possibly hurt her or try to steal her dowry.  Kinda silly, isn’t it?
    2. Something Old, Something New, etc.:  This tradition dates back to the Victorian era.  Something old is worn to connect the bride to her family.  Something new signifies beginning her new life journey. Something blue represents faithfulness and loyalty.
    3. Bury the Bourbon:  This superstition is all about keeping the rain away on the special day.  According to folklore, burying a full bottle of bourbon upside down at the venue site will ensure a rain-free day.  The bottle must be buried precisely one month before the ceremony.
    4. Bridesmaids’ Luncheon:  This is an intimate get-together typically hosted by the bride’s mother a few days ahead of the big day.  It’s a great way to thank the bridesmaids and spend some time together before the ceremony.
    5. Cake Ribbon Pull:  At the shower or bridesmaids’ luncheon, each girl pulls a ribbon that is attached to a charm hidden inside or underneath a cake.  The charms represent things like adventure, good luck, prosperity or longevity.
    6. Pounding Parties:  This is a housewarming party of sorts.  Family and friends give the newlyweds a pound of different pantry staples such as sugar, flour, eggs, or butter.  
    7. Groom’s Cake:  Groom’s get to choose a fun cake design that means something special to them.  Some guys choose a cake that pays tribute to a favorite sports team, hobby, alma mater, or profession.  
    8. You May Now Kiss the Bride:  In olden times, the custom was for the priest to give a ‘holy kiss of peace’ to the groom who would then pass the kiss to his bride.  Today, the tradition has changed a bit, leaving out the priest’s kiss. He simply says “you may now kiss the bride.”
    9. The Wedding Ring:  In early Rome and Greece, a ring was used to symbolize ownership.  Today, this tradition of placing the ring on the fourth finger is based on the belief that the specific finger contains a vein that leads to the heart.  This myth has been debunked, but the tradition remains.
    10. Throwing Rice:  This tradition has been replaced by throwing birdseed or other things, but the meaning is the same.  It signifies showering the newlyweds with prosperity, fortune, and fertility.

You probably know more traditions that we haven’t mentioned, and you’ll have fun choosing which ones to include on your wedding day.  One of the things that make southern weddings so memorable is the venue. If you are planning your wedding and need information about choosing wedding venues near Florence, we can help.

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