The first time I met Jamie was in 2016. He was pulled to work the nursing unit I was employed on. I remember finding him attractive, and now that we’ve re-lived the moment together, the feelings were mutual. But timing is everything and 2016 wasn’t the time for Jamie and I. One thing we’ve always loved is the amount of things we share in common, and the timing of us being together was based around a common goal. On August 14 of 2018, Jamie reached out to me via Facebook messenger to ask how I was doing in school; another common goal we share includes furthering our education and being the best people we can be. The chemistry was obvious from the start. Facebook messenger turned into constant text communication and a face to face meeting over coffee at work a week later. I’ve always heard that you know your soulmate when you first meet them, and I never knew how true that statement was until I laid my eyes on Jamie coming down the hallway with my cup of coffee in his hand. Little did either of us know, he already had my heart in his hand as well. Our relationship has been a world-wind of smiles, memories, support, and unconditional love. Though we both want to be the best versions of ourselves professionally, we strive everyday to be the best versions of ourselves for each other. When I’m at my 20%, he unselfishly provides his 100% and picks up my slack, and vice versa. Being in love is one thing, but being in love with your better half in every sense of the word is something special. On April 11th, 2020 I’ll walk down the aisle and marry the person God created specifically for me. The man that holds my heart as tightly as he did from day one. Though our story started out so simply, it’s been the most profound thing I’ve ever experienced, and a life with him by my side is more than I could have ever prayed for.

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