Allie & Ryan
When people ask, “Were you surprised when Ryan proposed?” The truth is, no. I wasn’t surprised because I knew that I would marry Ryan from the beginning. I wouldn’t call it love at first sight, but it was close. Every small conversation became signs that God had answered my prayers.

A Sunday back in March, I got a message on Facebook that was the farthest thing from creepy unlike most of the messages these days. I knew Ryan’s sister Kacey from mutual friends, and she kept pushing him to message me after she noticed that he had been liking my photos. (It was the Boykin!)

It wasn’t long before Ryan asked me on a date. As a matter of fact, that Monday he asked me if I had a busy week ahead. I quickly replied no, hoping for a date either that day or the following day, however; he said Thursday, and it felt like an eternity away. I should have known that I was crushing then. Our first date was perfect. Ryan was early, and I of course was running late. Ryan sat in the living room and talked to my roommates while I finished getting ready. He was such a gentleman and opened my door, made a reservation at Victors, said the blessing, and engaged in some of the best conversations. Our date lasted 2.5 hours, so when he mentioned if I was ready to go, I was bummed thinking that he wasn’t into me. It turns out, he was just trying to get me home for my 8:30 bedtime. I was very loyal to my routine, but the truth is; I could have sat at the booth all night long. Our next date was planned for Sunday, however; we ended up hanging out the next two days. It wasn’t long before this guy swept me off my feet. The girl that felt broken, picked over, and single forever finally felt chosen.

I’ve told some that my relationship with Ryan feels like a testimony. I prayed for this guy for a very long time. Never did I ever think that God would grant my every wish and more and pick a guy like Ryan for me. I can feel God’s love through Ryan. Every day, I feel valued, loved, and pursued just as God had promised.

The engagement was amazing. Ryan planned an unbelievable evening surrounded by family and friends. What was supposed to be a dinner with our parents on 9/11 , turned into a proposal by Lynches River on my parents’ farm, a giant ‘YES,’ and a celebration with our greatest family and friends. This season is off to a sweet and precious start. I am super excited for this journey with Ryan as I become Mrs. Segars.

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