20 Stunning Rustic Wedding Ideas

By September 5, 2018Guides

Rustic-themed weddings are the big rave today and the fall season is a perfect time of year for capturing the essence of nature at its best.  With a little creativity, you can take advantage of the soft, neutral hues of the fall palette.  We have a few ideas you may not have seen, so let’s get started on creating a unique rustic wedding you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Subtle but Elegant Rustic Wedding Ideas

You want to create an atmosphere of natural, woodsy traditions without making your guests feel as if they have gone camping.  With a few carefully chosen adornments your ceremony will have the perfect combination of southern charm and rustic style.

  1. Rustic Wall Sconces:  What would a rustic wedding be without mason jars? Use a wood backdrop and attach a black hook.  Suspend the mason jar from the hook with jute or ribbon and fill with bouquets of your favorite flowers.
  2. Iron Cage Lanterns:  Perfect as a table accent for natural lighting.  Place tapered candles inside the lanterns for a casual but glamorous look.
  3. Baby’s Breath Garlands:  Gently drape the garland atop a wooden seating sign or over an arch, or wherever you think it would look great.
  4. Wooden Box Planters:  These can be used to line the aisle or place in strategic areas around the venue.  Fill with your favorite pastel blooms.
  5. Globe Light Strings:  These delicate lights are great indoors or outdoors to set the mood.
  6. Antique Window Frames:  These make great signs or can be used as a seating chart.
  7. Calligraphy Escort Cards: These cards can be displayed by attaching them to a twine line with wooden clothespins to exude a casual but chic style.
  8. Oil Lanterns with Colored Oil:  Combined with some fall foliage, these lanterns make great centerpieces and add a little cozy feel to the day.
  9. Dried Herbs and Flowers:  Let guests shower you and your groom with these as you make your way down the aisle after the vows have been said.
  10. Small Brown Paper Bags:  Personalize the bags and use them to hold wedding favors for your guests.
  11. Bar Cart:  Decorate a glass bar cart with fall blooms and candles.
  12. Chalkboard Signs:  These look great as a welcome sign or directions to the restrooms or any other info you want to provide your guests.
  13. Whiskey Barrels:  These beauties can add a touch of whimsy and serve several purposes.  Place them upside down and top with a hurricane lantern and some greenery or sprinkle with colorful leaves.
  14. Hay Bales Covered with Quilts:  Can provide extra seating indoors or out.
  15. Galvanized Buckets:  Make great containers for colorful wildflower arrangements.
  16. Leaf and Herb Centerpieces:  These give an elegant touch to the reception tables. Accent with metallics and black taper candles.
  17. Wooden Ladder Plant Holder:  The ladder can be painted and adorned with clay pots filled with your favorite potted plants or flowers.
  18. Bathtub Ice Chest:  An antique, claw-footed bathtub makes a great ice chest for keeping bottled or canned drinks cold.
  19. Rustic Wooden Arch:  Adorn with greenery, string angle lights, and soft-hued blooms.
  20. Semi-naked Cake:  No rustic wedding is complete without this cake.  Leave the sides of the tiers free from icing and adorn with twigs and blooms made with icing. (Can’t let the guests eat real twigs!)

Find the Perfect Venue for Your Rustic Ceremony

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