8 Things You Need to Know If You Aren’t Hiring a Wedding Planner

By June 12, 2018Guides

Have you decided to be brave and plan your own wedding?  Congratulations, girl. You’re making a smart choice! When everything is all over, and the dust settles, you’ll be proud of what you accomplished.  But, before you can get to that point, you have a lot of decisions to make and things to organize, so you’ll need a little help.

Of course, you’ve probably already Googled “how to plan my wedding” and found a few thousand hits.  Now, you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Take a deep breath, and remember, it’s just one day.  If something goes wrong, most people won’t even notice, and you’ll laugh about it for years to come.

Setting Priorities:  Where to Start and How to Let Go

Your first priority in planning this special day begins with you and your fiancé. This is your shining moment. To make sure things go as smoothly as possible, we have some tips that can help you create your perfect southern wedding.  Here are 8 things many brides wish someone had told them about planning a wedding without professional help::

  1. Don’t let others pressure you into doing things the way they think is best.  If you have family members who are offering financial assistance, you may feel obligated to say yes to their suggestions.  But, don’t let go of your vision to accommodate theirs.
  2. You might have to let go of some things.  For instance, you’ve picked the perfect venue, but it’s out of your budget.  Or, the venue is affordable but isn’t big enough to accommodate the guest list.  You’ll have to rethink the venue or scale down the guest list.
  3. Hiring family or friends might not be a great idea.  This sounds harsh, but you might need to tell a relative or friend that they may be too emotionally involved in the wedding to make objective decisions. Also, you’ll need support that won’t be available if they’re busy arranging flowers or something.
  4. Get organized from the very beginning.  It’s vital that you keep up with invoices, receipts, contracts, costs, and hundreds of other little details.  Use a spreadsheet or a wedding plan journal to keep track of expenditures to avoid any big surprises!
  5. Do your homework when hiring vendors.  The last thing you want is a caterer who isn’t as good a cook as they claim.  Get references and check them. Ask the caterer to let you sample their products.  If you’re hiring a band or a DJ, you want to be sure the music is suitable for your guests and the mood you want to evoke.  Ask to hear some CDs, view videos of the band, and see a set list.
  6. Expect some things to go wrong and have a backup.  Anticipate last-minute challenges and have someone serve as a backup on things like making sure the place cards are put out, or a needle and thread are nearby for last-minute wardrobe malfunctions!
  7. Plan to be flexible about the wedding date.  You might find that the venue isn’t available on the date you chose, or some friends or family members can’t attend on that day.  Remember, the day will be a special memory regardless of the date.
  8. Don’t lose your perspective.  Don’t get so involved in making everything perfect that you take all the fun out of the planning process.  Remember that you’re going to be beautiful, you are celebrating the beginning of a new life with your beloved, and all eyes will be on the two of you above all else.


Where is the Perfect Place for Your Unique Ceremony?

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